Nariel Enforcer
マリエルエンフォーサー (Marieru Enfōsā)
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Nariel Enforcer is a lock deck type.


It uses a combo of Nariel, the Enforcer and Noble Enforcer to prevent the attacks of almost all creatures.

4 Nariel, the Oracle
Light / Creature
Light Bringer


■ Creatures that have power 3000 or more can't attack. (Creatures that have power less than 3000 and get extra power while attacking can still attack.)

4 Noble Enforcer
Water / Cross Gear

■ Cross Gear (Put this card into the battle zone. To cross this card with a creature, pay this card's cost again. When that creature leaves the battle zone, this card remains in the battle zone.)

■ The crossed creature can't be attacked or blocked by creatures that have power 2000 or less.

■ While this card isn't crossed with a creature, creatures that have power 2000 or less can't attack or block.

By using Nariel that prevents attacks that have 3000 power or more while Noble Enforcer is in the battle zone that prevents attacks that have power 2000 or less, you prevent the attacks of most creatures. Creatures that have a power between that (usually 2500 power) can't attack.

It was often used in Removal control decks, but was used less after the restriction of Nariel into the Hall of Fame.

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