• Q: How does this work?
    • A: You check the power of your creature just before tapping it and saying what it's attacking. If its power is 2000 or less, it can attack. If its power gets bigger after it attacks because of an ability like "power attacker," that's fine. Once a creature is attacking, it can't be pulled back from combat.
  • Q: When Nariel is in the battle zone, can I use the tap ability of a creature that has power 3000 or more?
    • A: No. If a creature can't attack, it can't use its tap ability either.
  • Q: If Nariel is in the battle zone, can I cast Diamond Cutter to let my creatures that have power 3000 or more attack my opponent?
    • A: Yes. Diamond Cutter overrides all abilities that stop a creature from attacking a player.

Nariel, the Oracle
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