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Name Rule
命名ルール (Meimei Rūru)
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Name Rule is the term for the rules of nomenclature for Card Names that belong to a specific race.


In some cases, it is not only about the race, but also the card type, civilization and abilities.

For example,

Each of these 3 cards have the Armored Dragon race and have the Fire Civilization, and when looking at the card name, all share "______ Dragon" as a common name theme.

Other examples include "____, the Oracle" for Light Bringer, "_____ of ______" for Demon Command, Katakana names with 3-5 characters for Cyber Lord.

In the case of multiple races, in most cases a combination of the articles are used. Evolution Creatures also differ in naming depending on the race.

If you have a Special Race together with a regular race, there may be some differences.

  • Names where the special race is given priority (Lunatic Emperor or Draguner)
  • Names where the special race is given in addition to the regular race (Survivor, Origin, etc.)
  • Names where a completely unique rule is formed by the combination of races (Unknown, Knight)
  • Names where the rule is formed by various combination of races (Invader, Initials)
  • Names where it based entirely on the main race (Samurai, Hunter)

However, the name rules don't always seem to apply. Seamine has the Fish race, but doesn't have "____ Fish" in its name, and Mirror Force Dragon is a Volcano Dragon rather than a Armored Dragon. Others such as Bolshack NEX also don't include them, making them difficult to guess their race based by the card name.

  • While a common way of judging card names, these rules aren't officially reported.
  • Multicolored spells as well as double sided psychic creatures also have their own specific rules.
  • Groups such as Admiral, "SP" or "Guardian of Hope" are given priority on the naming rules as part of being in a cycle.
  • Cards with Charger, Hyperspatial spells also have precedence in their names based on their abilities.