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Name Category
名称めいしょうカテゴリ (Meishō Kategori)
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Category: Name Category

Name Category are a group of cards that follows most of the following rules.


Each of the cards contain a specific name as part of their Card Name.

  • Cards such as Holy Awe are included in the 'Spark' category, due to its Japanese card name being "Holy Spark".

This can include being written in Hiragana or Katakana above parts of the card name.

  • For example, a Gaial Bolshack, Raging Dragon is still a Bolshack creature for having ボルシャック (Bolshack) in Katakana written above the B, as Bボルシャック.

These groups of cards usually share a small number of similar factors such as the same civilization, race, or similar abilities.

  • Some name categories can be a group of races with a similar naming theme.

List of Name Categories


Name Category
AiniAwakenedBallomBaraghiara, Heavenly Earth Momentum
Crimson LordBolbergBolshackDouble CrossDokindamDG
Emperor of the GodsForbiddenGaialGaial KaiserGuerrilla Division
Heaven'sHoly SparkHyperspatialJhot Gun JoragonJohnnyLord of Spirits
LupiaMeijinMenMomokingMount FujiyamaxMystery
MushaNazoNEXNero Gryphis, Mystic Light EmperorParasParlockPrin
QuestionReaperRomanovRomanov the 1st, Lord of the Demonic Eye
RyuseiShenStored MagicTesta RossaVictoryWhite KnightYamatoZeta

Ken, Crimson LordRock-Paper-Scissors