Civilization(s) WaterWater DarknessDarkness
Family Unnamed Mother
Voice Actor 西地修哉
Shuuya Nishiji
Signature Card(s) Dark Masters, Demon Dragon

NOZOKIN was first introduced in the Versus Revolution season of the Duel Masters Anime.

He was one of the participants of the Star Cup event and a video blogger.


His appearance resembles a typical American teenage boy and wears focus googles. He was a famous video blogger, ranking first before 'Climax-Hokai' and has his own blog, NOZOKIN TV.

He is also very mischievous, pranking his victims and posting it online using his blue Duel Phone. However, his pranks can get a bit too far and was considered crime level instead of mischief by Hokaben.


Duel Masters Versus Revolution

He was shown on the live stream of his TV blog, showing his latest prank of his target wearing straps instead of his swimwear as he replaced his swimwear from the beginning. At first Lulu Takigawa, Bucyake and Hokaben were watching the live stream found it amusing until they realized Katta was NOZOKIN's target when he approached to his friends. NOZOKIN had pranked Katta many times (falling into the pit 5 times, wildebeest running in his house, an anaconda appearing during a duel), making Hokaben finding it unforgivable. NOZOKIN set up a prank at Katta again by altering the final part of the water slide, throwing Katta off-course until Hokaben caught him red-handed and pinned him down.

Hokaben decides to settle in a duel to stop NOZOKIN for giving trouble to Katta. He agrees to the terms and made a live stream duel based by the Star Cup Preliminaries rules as he recognized Hokaben under his blog name 'Climax-Hokai'. He set up his Duel Phone for the duel in his house, with Katta and the others watching. He gave Hokaben a hard time by making him reveal the cards on his hand and shield zone, even discarding the cards on his hand by Dark Masters, Demon Dragon ability. He was defeated as Hokaben made good use of the discards to return them in the deck and summoning 3 dragons and 2 fire birds in total. He then made a promise not to give trouble to Katta again and was delighted that Katta agrees to duel him sometime again.


He uses a Water and Darkness Civilization deck. His strategy revolves around looking at his opponent's cards on his hand and shield zone.

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