Mystery Totem
Japanflag.png ミステリー・トーテム
Phonetic: Misuterī Tōtemu
Released In: DM-06
Civilization(s): Nature
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Category: Mystery Totem

Mystery Totem is a race of creature in the Nature Civilization.


In the TCG, They often have "Avatar" or "Totem" in their names.

In the OCG, they have "__の化身" (__No keshin, meaning Avatar of __) in their names, pronounced as "_______・トーテム" (______ Totem) in the katakana above the kanji name.

Evolution creatures have 闘匠 (Tōshō, meaning "Battlemaster") in their names.


Mystery Totems are trees that have been possessed by the spirits of gigantic plants called World Trees. In peacetime, Totems stand quietly by, enjoying the world around them. They are able to float in the air but otherwise have little mobility.

If under threat of attack, they chant as a means of defense. Their low melodic voices resonate through the forest, calling their comrades into the battle zone where they can combine their size and powers to defend themselves.

In Revolution, Mystery Totems were Invaders and mysteriously danced in the snow mountain where Forbidden is sealed.


They are consisted of medium-sized creatures, usually 4000 to 6000 in terms of power. Building a deck around them is difficult as almost all of them are designed to work independently.



Cards that support Mystery Totems

Support Card: Card Effect:
Forbidding Totem ■ Your opponent's attacking creatures attack Mystery Totems if able.
Warashibabe, Super Mirage ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may put one of your other creatures into your mana zone. If you do, reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. You may put a Mystery Totem or nature Invader from the revealed cards into the battle zone. Then put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.

Evolution Creatures

Creatures that evolve from Mystery Totems:

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Messiah, the Battlemaster Evolution—Put on one of your Mystery Totems.



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