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Multiple Races
多種族 (Ta Shuzoku)
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Multiple Race is a term associated with creatures that have 2 or more races.


It first occurred on creatures in DM-05 with the introduction of the Survivor race. Each of those creatures had the Survivor race as well as a formerly released race. Later, DM-10 also included many creatures with 2 races with the introduced of multicolored cards as a game mechanic.

2 Gonta, the Warrior Savage
Fire Fire.png Nature Nature.png / Creature

(This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.)

This creatures usually had a race belonging to each of their civilizations. For example, Gonta has the Human race from its Fire Civilization side, and the Beast Folk race from the Nature Civilization race.

As they receive effects from cards that affect both races, it is possible to mix these creatures in easily with a deck focusing on the 2 or more races and their usual support cards. A card such as the aforementioned Gonta could be used for various evolution creatures from both races such as Armored Blaster Valdios or Fighter Dual Fang, while also receiving support from cards such as Aggressive Kaiser or Vreemah, Freaky Mojo Totem.

Later monocolored creatures with multiple races sarted to be released more frequently from God Apex Saga.

Ultimate Man has the most races with a total of 10. This is followed bu Ultra Man with 9. On non-Black Box Pack cards, the most races featured on a card is 4 on Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush, Battle the Climax, Zenith of "Victory", Truekaiser Adrenaline Max and Kiramaru, Great Miracle.

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