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多人数戦 (Taninzū-sen)
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A Multiplayer game of Duel Masters is a method of playing the card game that involves more than two players.


  1. Take turns clockwise around the table.
  2. Your creatures can only attack your opponents directly to your left and right. When you defeat an opponent, you'll then be able to attack the next opponent around the table.
  3. You can cast spells on any player and on any player's creatures, even if you can't attack that player.
  4. Your creatures can't block attacks on another player or on another player's creatures.
  5. Each time you defeat an opponent, you get to add a card to your shields as a reward. Take the top card of your deck and put it face down (without looking at it) into your shield zone.
  6. All effects that affect an opponent will affect all opponents.

Free-For-All Variant

In this type of game, you're on your own. You win if everyone else is defeated before you are.

Team Variant

  1. In this type of game, you're part of a team. Each team should have the same number of players.
  2. Sit between two members of the other team. Your team wins if all the players on the other team are defeated.
  3. In a team game, when you defeat an opponent, you'll be able to attack the next opponent around the table. But that opponent won't be able to attack you if one of your team members is between the two of you. The opponent will have to attack the other member on your team.

3 vs 1 Variant

  1. In this type of game a single player can go up against a team of up to 3 players.
  2. The single player can have a deck of up to 120 cards, as well as starting the game with 15 shields.
  3. You may use Gacha Figures and their support cards.
  4. Each player starts the duel by drawing 5 cards only.
  5. The 3-player team takes their turn simultaneously. Each step in a turn is taken at the same time, including drawing, mana charge, as well as playing cards and attacking.