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多色たしょく (Tashoku)
レインボー (Rainbow)
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Multicolored cards are consisting of two or more different civilizations that were introduced in DM-10.


They are distinguished by a rainbow-colored card frame and feature the given card's constituent civilizations' symbols watermarked in the card's text box, and those civilizations' colors represented in its type box, mana cost indicator, and mana value, psychic cell indicator, and/or victory logo (if applicable). Multicolored cards features various creatures, evolution creatures, spells, cross gear and other card types.

Several races are (mostly) exclusive to Multicolored cards such as Starnoid, Pegasus, and most prominently, Spirit Quartz. All Multicolored cards have a minimum cost of 2, due to their requirement of needing at least two civilizations to be used.

List of Multicolored combinations[]

2 Civilizations[]

Allied Civilization
(Multicolored cards in this group are considered to be allied, with both civilizations being friendly with each other.)

Enemy Civilization
(Multicolored cards in this group are considered to be enemies, with both civilizations being unfriendly with each other.)

3 Civilizations[]

1 Civilization and its 2 allied civilizations:
(Multicolored cards in this group are considered to be allied, with 1 civilization being friendly with both of the other 2. This is sometimes known as a "shard".)

1 Civilization and its 2 enemy civilizations:
(Multicolored cards in this group are considered to be enemies, with one civilization being unfriendly to the other 2. This is sometimes known as a "wedge". The wedge in the combination is italicized. )

4 Civilizations[]

This combination only exists on Captivating Dancing Alien, a Psychic Super Creature who is the awakened and combined side of Alien Father (Just 1 Song?) and Mother Alien (Gladly).

5 Civilizations[]

Races exclusive to Multicolored Cards[]

All creatures are Multicolored.

All creatures have 5 civilizations.

All creatures have only 1 race.


  • For a full list of cards that support Multicolored cards, see here.


Similar to single-civilization cards, casting Multicolored cards also requires mana corresponding to the correct civilizations, except they require at least one of each civilization depicted on the card's mana indicator, behind the mana cost on the upper left of each card.

  • For example, a Fire and Nature creature with a mana cost of 7 such as Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny requires 1 fire civilization card, 1 nature civilization card, and 5 other cards of any civilization to be tapped in your mana zone in order to summon it.

You can only tap a Multicolored card for one of its civilizations' mana.

While a 5-civilization card can only be tapped for 0 mana, they can be used to count towards the needed civilization for a card.

All Multicolored cards are put into the mana zone tapped. Cards such as Yukigon, Mystical Beast Faerie can counteract this, however.

  • A multicolored creature put into the battle zone enters untapped.
  • Before DMRP-08 The Showdown! Baraghiara!! Invincible OraOra Ringfinity ∞, this is a reminder text and an effect, and thus multicolored creatures cannot be Vanilla. This has since been retconned as a rule instead of a part of the text, and a small reminder text can be seen on top of the mana number, saying "Put [this card] into your mana zone tapped."

A multicolored card is considered to be all of its civilizations for card effects.

In DMRP-08, the text on multicolored cards regarding them being put into the mana zone tapped, ie;「マナゾーンに置く時、このカードはタップして置く。」 (This [CARDTYPE] is put into your mana zone tapped.) was reduced to 「タップしてマナゾーンにおく」 (Put into your mana zone tapped.) and placed around the Mana Number of a card.

  • As the text of "this [cardtype] is put into your mana zone tapped." was moved to the Mana Number, and isn't treated as effect text, this makes multicolored cards with no other effect text as having no abilities so they receive support for cards that affect cards with no abilities.
Civilizations of the Creature World
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2 Color Allied: LWLNWDDFFN
4 Color Light Water Darkness Fire
5 Color Light Water Darkness Fire Nature