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Monocolored Tournament
(1 Bunmei Gentei Kōchiku Ōja Kettei-sen)
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Monocolored Tournaments (also known as the 1 Civilization Limited Construction Championship) are a regulation format where decks can only be built from one civilization.


As the name suggests, only one civilization can be used in the 40 card deck.

With the exception of the Nature Civilization and its mana acceleration, higher costing finisher creatures and spells can be harder to use due to the mana restrictions and Monocolored Rush decks are seen as more stable.


Only cards from the 5 monocolored civilizations can be used, Light, Water, Darkness, Fire and Nature. Multicolored and Zero cards can't be used.

Psychic Creatures and Draghearts may be used. However, the card on the other side after they awaken or dragsolution must be the same civilization.

Multicolored psychic creatures and draghearts cannot be used.

The usual Hall of Fame restrictions are still applied.

A card such as Courtney, Summer Breeze Faerie is allowed to be used, but has little use due to Space Charge abilities and can also be seen as a detriment due to Stealth abilities.

Psychic Creatures

The following psychic creatures are allowed to be used;

Light Light.png

Psychic Super Creatures


Darkness Darkness.png

Psychic Super Creatures

Fire Fire.png

Psychic Super Creatures

Nature Nature.png