Monocolored Rush
(Tanshoku Sokkō)
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Monocolored Rush is a group of monocolored rush deck types.


As only one civilization is used in the deck, mana issues are infrequent as the correct civilization needed to play cards is always present. For this reason, it can be more stable than a 2 colored rush deck, although with less versatility.

As no other civilization is used, the range of abilities (such as Card Draw or Removal) can be quite limited.

However, there are certain cards that get their full abilities when you have only one civilization of card in your mana zone, promoting the monocolored theme.

Civilization: DM-14 Generate Gear: DMX-13 White Zenith Pack:
LightLight Parshia, the ExplorerNotre Dame, Vizier of Illusion Shield
WaterWater Deep JugglerTweet
DarknessDarkness Zamaru, Treasure of DarknessZero Point Man
FireFire Zyler's LighterOnikirimaru
NatureNature Cloud MayflySleeping Fool Tanukichi-san

While they require that only civilization is used, 2 colored cards are considered to be from both civilizations, so a card such as Zamaru, Treasure of Darkness can be used alongside Master Weapon - All Yes or a card such as Onikirimaru can be used with Taiga, the Warrior Savage.

While the decks often feature a low mana curve only using creatures with a cost of 1–4, here are exceptions such as Dual Shock Dragon or other creatures with a Strike Back ability, or using cards such as Faerie Gift and Faerie Life.

Even at low mana costs, many powerful evolutions can still be found that have Mana evolution or Graveyard evolution with cards such as Huckle Kirin Sawyer, Jungle Governor or Dorgedos, the Reaper Drake respectively.

They are also able to use spells with the "Shield Trigger" ability in order to provide defense and/or removal against other rush decks.

The Start Dash creature cycle from DMR-09 Episode 3: Rage vs God can be used to easily reduce the mana cost of creatures from their respective civilizations.

List of Monocolored Rush decks

Light Mono-Light rush

  • Initiate rush

Water Mono-Water rush

  • ☆ Mono-Water Reef
  • Mono-Water Pacific
  • Mono-Water Cyber
  • Magic Command
  • Liquid People
  • Quasi Mono-Water rush

Darkness Mono-Darkness rush

  • Quasi Mono-Darkness rush

Fire Mono-Fire rush

Nature Mono-Nature rush


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