単色たんしょく (Tanshoku)
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Monocolored cards are cards consisting of only a single civilization.

A colorless card is not considered to be monocolored.


Certain cards grant additional effects for only having cards from 1 civilization in your mana zone. These include a cycle of creatures from DM-03 Master of Destruction / DM-03 Rampage of the Super Warriors.

Civilization: Card:
LightLight Sparkle Flower
Ur Pale, Seeker of Sunlight
WaterWater Angler Cluster
DarknessDarkness Mudman
FireFire Baby Zoppe
NatureNature Raging Dash-Horn

This was later expanded in future sets with DM-14, as well as in DMX-13 which allowed colorless cards.

Civilization: DM-14 Generate Gear: DMX-13 White Zenith Pack:
LightLight Parshia, the Explorer Notre Dame, Vizier of Illusion Shield
WaterWater Deep Juggler Tweet
DarknessDarkness Zamaru, Treasure of Darkness Zero Point Man
FireFire Zyler's Lighter Onikirimaru
NatureNature Cloud Mayfly Sleeping Fool Tanukichi-san

While these cards support only playing one kind of civilization, cards with 2 or more civilizations can still be played in small amounts. However, they should still share a civilization with the cards listed above in order to still allow their abilities. A card such as Melnia, the Aqua Shadow in your mana zone would still allow Zamaru, Treasure of Darkness's ability to be active.

As a civilization can only do a limited amount of things all by its own, a monocolored deck is usually not as feasible as a deck with multiple civilizations, regardless of mana requirements.

However, in the Dragon Saga block, due to the boosts in support that they had obtained such as Mana Arms (which promotes monocolored play) and Draghearts, they had started to see some increase in usage as a decktype.

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