Mono-Water rush
青単 (Aotan)
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Mono-Water rush is a Monocolored Rush deck type.


It consists of low-cost creatures in the Water Civilization.

Water is a good civilization for rush, as it has good Card Draw options (especially Streaming Shaper) and good low-cost evolution creatures as well as Evolution Sources.

Cyber/Origin rush

The Cyber/Origin rush deck originated with the release of DM-32 Evolution Saga. It used cards like Emperor Himiko and Astral Reef to rush the opponent with cheap, powerful evolutions while consistently drawing cards. This strategy led to Paradise Aroma being restricted to 1.

Recommended cards: Reason
Aqua Jester Loupe Field expansion, draw
Astral Reef Very powerful draw
Astral Rush Bounce, possible draw
Cherenko Shield rearrangement + evolution source
Emeral Shield rearrangement + evolution source
Emperor Himiko Evolution with draw
Emperor Maribel Meteorburn bounce. Synergy with Luciano.
Emperor Tina Cheap high-powered evolution
Genius Janit, of the Hidden Blade Bounce, evolution source, anti-rush measures
Luciano, Electro-Fuuma Draw from Meteorburn
Lucky Ball Powerful draw, evolution source
Marine Flower Cheap evolution source
Murian Evolution source not killed by Rose Castle
Paradise Aroma Evolution source, free creature
Pelori Hat Field expansion, evolution source
Piccoli Coilinger, Electro-Machine King Draw evolution source
Roxio, Electro-Fuuma Deck-rearrangement evolution source
Qurian Drawing evolution source
Spiral Gate Classic bounce card
Streaming Shaper Powerful draw card
Submarine Fortress Lair Powerful draw card
The Strong Spiral Extra copies of Spiral Gate

Pacific Champion rush

The Pacific Champion rush is a mono-Water rush deck consisting mainly of Merfolk and Liquid People. The power of Pacific Champion caused it to be restricted to 1.

Recommended cards: Reason
Aqua Guard Cheap evolution source
Aqua Hulcus Drawing evolution source
Aqua Sonicwave Bounce
Crystal Paladin Gets rid of all blockers
Crystal Spinslicer Cheap, powerful evolution
Deep Juggler Drawing evolution source
Fist Blader Evolution source for Pacific Champion
Lucky Ball Powerful draw card
Pacific Champion Center of the deck
Pacific Dominator Evolution source
Spiral Gate Bounce
Streaming Shaper Powerful draw
Time Scout Evolution source

Due to Aqua Guard and Fist Blader, this deck has some resistance against other rush decks. On the other hand, these creatures are dead weight if they can't be evolved quickly.

Pacific Champion's restriction to 1 and the low quality of cheap Merfolk evolution sources has weakened this deck type somewhat. In the current meta, it would be preferable to concentrate more on the Liquid People rather than the Merfolk.

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