Mono-Water Control
青単コントロール (Aotan Kontorōru)
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Mono-Water Control is a monocolored control deck type.


Since Dragon Saga, the Mana Arms keyword has helped mono-civilization control deck types arise.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Churentenhou, Art Hero Mana Arms spell casting.
Descartes Q, Logic Hero Mana Arms draw and shield replacement.
JJ Avarspela, Dragment Symbol Spell search.
Ea Barrenchan, Dragment Symbol Conditioned multiple attacker.
Xf Croce Fuoco, Dragment Symbol Gravity Zero blocker which returns graveyards.
D2 Ryanpeko, Dragment Symbol Energy Stream blocker.
Sr Spellcyclica, Dragment Symbol Spell re-cast and recovery.
Mm Spellpsychedelica, Dragment Symbol
Og Amate Radial, Dragment Symbol
Cast spells from the deck.
Mj Rinshankaiho, Dragment Symbol Easy to bring out fatty finisher which returns spells to deck and bounces the opponent's battle zone.
Change the World, Blue Divine Dragon Shield and hand replacement.
Insight Indigo Kaiser Attack and block stall.
Java Kid, Aqua Boy
Isaac, Aqua Newcomer Soldier
Newton, Aqua Ace
Aqua Hulcus
Early draw.
Galileo Galilei, Aqua Captain Spell reducing Mana Arms.
Raija, Aqua Ninja Help Dragsolution Evidence, Truth Gun.
Assassin Greed, Aqua Agent Cheap bounce for mono Water.
Java Jack, Ultra Flash Help Dragsolution Evidegoras, Dragon Sonic Aircraft Carrier.
Aqua Surfer Shield trigger bounce.
Ragnarok, the Clock Shield trigger turn skip.
Atlantis, Deepsea Evangelist Powerful shield trigger bounce.
Energy Stream Cheap draw spell.
Streaming Shaper Powerful draw in mono Water.
Scramble Typhoon Draw and discard.
Eureka Charger Draw Charger.
Spellbook Charger Spell search Charger.
Spiral Gate Hall of Fame bounce.
Siren Concerto Cheap mana recovery.
Dragment Answer Powerful draw and possible cost trample.
Dragment Sword Creature and mana bounce.
Dragon Pulse Technique - Fortress Destroyer Cost 6 or less card removal.
Dragon Pulse Technique, Water Spirit Strategy Draw or bounce shield trigger.
Dragon Knowledge Technique, Dragon Secret Formation Draw for each Dragon in your mana zone.
Pythagoras, Geometry Squadron Shield trigger Mana Arms double bounce.
Spiral Hurricane, Hero Secret Technique Full battle zone bounce if Mana Arms 7 requirement is met.
Dragment Formation Replace your Liquid People with Crystal Command Dragons
Metal Avenger, Dragon Edge
Metal Avenger Solid, Dragon Edge
Tonpuu, Dragon Edge
Evidence, Truth Gun
Evidegoras, Dragon Sonic Aircraft Carrier
Fanbai, Dragon Flower Fan
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