青単 (Aotan)
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Mono-Water is a group of deck types that only use cards in the Water Civilization.


From the beginning of Duel Masters to Dragon Saga, it was mainly synonymous with Rush decks in the metagame.

However, with the appearance of various Crystal Command Dragons and the Mana Arms keyword in Dragon Saga, it was possible to create a control deck type. Dueland, Transformation of Dreams also allowed a semi-meta mono water to be built that can easily defeat even meta decks due to recent reinforcements. Later on due to Sarutobi Giant, Dolge and Saizoumist, Dolge appearing, Mono-Water Decks mixed with nature had appeared.

List of Mono-Water decks


  • The official color representing the Water Civilization is "blue", which also appears around the frame of the Legend Card cards. In the Japanese community, this group of decks is known as "Mono-Blue" due to the color of card from Magic: The Gathering.
Deck Types
Removal controlCreature controlHyperspatial Control
Heaven's GateMana burn5-color deckTurboLockLoop
For No CostReanimateInstant DeathOne Shot Kill
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