Mono-Nature rush
緑単 (Midoritan)

Mono-Nature rush is a Monocolored Rush deck type.


It consists of low-cost creatures in the Nature Civilization.

The deck type is usually focused on the interaction of Faerie Gift and Cloud Mayfly, and its strong power as well as its ability to be unblockable.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Faerie Gift
Cloud Mayfly
Cores of the deck.
Hearty Cap'n Polligon Early beatdown and hand advantage.
Sniper Mosquito Early beatdown and mana recovery.
Poisonous Mushroom
Dreaming Moon Knife
Yattar Wan, Adventuring Fox
Mana Acceleration weenies.
Kerasas, Start Dash Cost reduction.
Nam=Aueiki, Growth Style
Nam=Daeddo, Bronze Style
Mana Arms Mana Acceleration.
Jaberu, Snow Faerie Mana Arms draw.
Pincer Scarab Powerful beatdown against strong draw decks.
Hopstep Grasshopper Dreammate beatdown support.
Sleeping Fool Tanukichi-san Strong attacker.
Brutal Charge Card advantage.
Treasure Map Small cost search.
Get Wild Card Draw.
Euru=Bucca, Antique Dragon Ruins Mana Arms shield trigger removal.

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