Bearsir! Time to evolve faster and help me reach the front faster!
Bearfugan, Super Beast Army
Mono-Nature Bearfugan
緑単ベアフガン (Midori Tan Beafugan)
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Mono-Nature Bearfugan is a Monocolored Rush deck type.


It is a mono-Nature Civilization deck that emerged with the release of the Designer's Combo between the Invasion abilities of Bearfugan, Super Beast Army and Bearsir, Beast Army.

3 Bearsir, Beast Army
NatureNature.png/ Evolution Creature Evolution icon.png

■ Evolution—Put on one of your nature creatures.

■ Invasion—Nature creature (When one of your nature creatures attack, you may put this creature from your hand onto it.)

8 Bearfugan, Super Beast Army
NatureNature.png/ Evolution Creature Evolution icon.png

■ Evolution—Put on one of your nature creatures.

■ Invasion—Nature evolution command

■ Quattro breaker

■ Whenever this creature or one of your nature creatures would be destroyed, put them into your mana zone instead.

Usage of this deck has been greatly decreased due to the increase of very difficult to deal with For No Cost prevention such as Onikamas, Strange Flow and Senno, Brainwash, as well as the restriction of Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe.

However, later versions of the deck have also began to use anti-metagame options utilizing Onikamas, as well as other options such as Ragnarok, the Clock for defense against other rushes, and Gachanko, Minirobo No.1 against control deck types.

The deck now no longer fears Onikamas due to the appearance of Tsukutcho, as it easily overpowers it for 1 mana. Tsukucho also proves powerful enough to deal with most for no cost meta, although Yadoc, Beast Army, Senno, Brainwash and Entertainer of Stealing and Lying are still dangerous due to losing Sanmadd.

How to use

(This section details an optimal line of progression.)

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Bearfugan, Super Beast Army
Bearsir, Beast Army
Cores of the deck. Bearfugan is a high powered creature that has
Quattro Breaker that can be brought on the 3rd turn using Bearssar.

Card Candidates:

Recommended cards: Reason
Hearty Cap'n Polligon
Sniper Mosquito
Waking Up Miss Mei
Cost 1 invasion bait for Bearsir.
Treasure Map
Evolution Blueprint
Evolution Egg
Hand Addition.
Evolution Egg is preferred as it can search out the cores of the deck.
Ochappi, Pure Hearted Faerie
Cemetarian, the Invoked
Huckle Kirin Sawyer, Jungle Governor
Cost 3 creatures.
Huckle Kirin Sawyer enables Bearfugan to attack unblocked.
Sannap, Tribe Cost 3 creature.
Allows you to reuse 3 mana after summoning.
Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe Good synergy with the 3 cost creatures in this set.
Secondary finisher that does not need hand to use its invasion ability.
Runbomber, Beast Army Additional evolution creature and Nature Command.
Large Gathering! Acorn Army Shield trigger cost 3 creature.
Prevents an imminent attack.
Sanvuakka, Earth Attack Shield trigger Nature Command.
Tsukutcho Mandatory to remove for no cost meta.

Water additions

Recommended cards: Reason
Onikamas, Strange Flow Anti-For No Cost, unchooseable.
Ragnarok, the Clock Shield Trigger creature, ends the turn.
Gachanko, Minirobo No.1 Increase opponents spell cost by 2.

Light additions

Recommended cards: Reason
Nbaba, Nbibi Powerful 5 cost beatstick mana acceleration, mainly combos with Revolution Change abilities to return other creatures to hand and reuse them, such as Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe or Sannap, Tribe.
Holy, Flash Guardian Shield trigger creature that comes with a "Spark" ability.
Oriotis, Control Wings Classic counter against Invasion, Revolution Change or Heaven's Gate.


Since it is a rush deck, hand quantity is an issue, quick Hand Addition is required.

Bearssar has the risk of being removed early by cards that have ​Shield Trigger Shield Trigger abilities or Phantasm Clutch, the latter of which is being adapted more recently into Mono-Darkness Hellborof decks.

Oriotis, Control Wings can counter Invasion tactics, but Cemetarian, the Invoked or Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe can be used as a quick way to get rid of it.


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