緑単 (Midoritan)
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Mono-Nature is a group of deck types that only use cards in the Nature Civilization.


For a long time in Duel Masters, Mono-Nature was synonymous with rush decks that were was active in the metagame such as Mayfly Gift.

However, due to increases in the card pool, it was possible to build Midrange beatdown decks using control elements with cards like Geo Aldebaran, the Okami Breaker or Sasoris, Dragon Edge.

After Boaroaxe, Evil Tomahawk was able to form a Loop and Instant Death deck type using a "chain combo" as its basis, Mono Nature loops became mainstream in the metagame, even after the Boaroaxe deck was limited by many of its cards entering the Hall of Fame.

Mono Nature is now mostly used for loops in the competitive metagame due to its speed and numerous compatible cards. Very few Mono Nature beatdowns exist in the competitive metagame, especially after the restriction of Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe. As a result, the Mono nature loop decktype induced the most restrictions on individual cards, with the other being For No Cost strategies such as Reanimate and Miramisu.

List of Mono-Nature decks


  • The official color representing the Nature Civilization is "green", which also appears around the frame of the Legend Card cards. In the Japanese community, this group of decks is known as "Mono-Green" due to the color of card from Magic: The Gathering.
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