Mono-Light Chain
白単連鎖 (Shirotan Rensa)
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Mono-Light Chain is a combo deck type.


It is based on abusing the creature spam of Angel Command Dragon Revolutionaries. Additionally, Miradante, Time Revolution can be used as a finisher.

Main Cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Generarose, Red Rose Dragon Elemental Draw and bring out a cost 6 or less Light creature.
Commanduo, Order Dragon Elemental Draw and bring out a cost 5 or less Light creature.
Lulufens, Sun Dragon Elemental Bring out a cost 6 or less Light creature.
Red Rose, Crimson Dragon Elemental Draw and bring out a cost 4 or less Light creature.
Raraa, Trust Ball Reduce the cost of your Command Dragons.

Card Candidates

Kaiserbarra, War Dragon Elemental Blocker, draw and bring out a cost 7 or less Light creature.
Denebumongo, Excess Wings Blocker, draw and bring out a cost 3 or less Light creature.
Ika Ikaga, Excess Guardian Bring out a cost 3 or less blocker.
Rose Da Capo, Revolution Dragon Elemental Draw and shield addition via Revolution.
Acroite, Start Dash Cost reduce.
Tigunus, Saint Bell Wings Blocker, anti discard.
Mirac, Time Ball Blocker, escape.
Schreiber, Vizier of Strictness
Myogu, Striding Ox Ball
Anti spell meta.
Mestapo, the Patroller Anti deck search.
Medaro Andorom, Concert Wings
Paras Rusowa, Parasitic Dragon Elemental
Grants blocker to your creatures.
Angel Feather
Justice Plan
Dragon's Sign Shield trigger Dragon spam.
Miracle Stop Gravity Zero anti spell meta.
Emeralda, Pitch Dragon Elemental Shield control.
Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian Strong draw.
Faceless, Invader If your opponent has 2 shields or less, your creatures become resistant to removal.
Lightduel, Dragon Elemental Blocker, makes your creatures with cost 6 or less win all battles, spell resistant.
Ultra Star, Revolution Holy Dragon Aids Revolution decks, grants shield trigger to your shields.
Holy, Flash Guardian Shield trigger Spark creature.
Linkwood's Soul Burning Gravity Zero spell, aids your creature swarm.
Endra Pappi Light and Fire draw source.
Gaga Carina, Spirit of Lightstreams Bring out cost 5 or less Light or Water psychic creatures.
Regulusfear, Dragon Edge
Everrose, Dragon Edge
Heaven's Rosia, True Dragon Edge

Evolution Candidates

Miracle Star, Lord of Dragon Spirits Freeze 2 creatures.
Alcadeias D, Lord of Dragon Spirits Anti spell.
Miracle Star, Revolution Heaven King Bring out a cost 6 or less Light creature, add shields via Revolution.
Rosen Star, Revolution Holy Dragon Blocker grant, grants removal resistance by Revolution.
Miracle Miradante Revolution 0 trigger defense.
Vibros Heaven, Lord of Dragon Spirits Mass removal.
Gyogyoras, Traitorous Revolutionkind Invasion for Revolutionaries that cost 6 or more, removal and spam.
Shiden Galaxy, Super Champ Light and Fire finisher, meteorburn for removal resistance and attacking twice.
Alpharion, Lord of Spirits Gravity Zero, lockdown finisher.

Hyperspatial Additions

Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit Easy to awaken shield control finisher.
Perfect, Immortal Lance Once Dragsolutioned gives removal resistance to your Dragons.
Javeleon, Beast Lance Synergy with Revolution effects, can prevent losing the game if you have a full battle zone.
Endless Heaven, True Holy Church Shield addition, can Dragsolution into a strong freeze finisher.
Ravuerite, Sun Spear Spam weenies.

Other details

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