赤単 (Akatan)
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Mono-Fire is a group of deck types that only use cards in the Fire Civilization.


From the beginning of Duel Masters to the early days of the Dragon Saga block, mono-fire was synonymous with rush decks and was active in the metagame for a long time.

During the middle of Dragon Saga, it became possible to build a mono-fire control deck type. However, it did need a few Nature Civilization cards to make to competitively viable. This is due to the Dragheart and Mana Arms cards that were released in DMD-18 Super Victory Deck: Blaze Up Dragon Sword Gaial and DMD-20 Super Victory Deck: Victorious Rising Dragon Sword Gaiohburn, which allows mass spamming of finishers, such as Heavyweight Dragons.

However, without nature cards Mono fire is not viable for anything save for Rush as it has no effective defense or anything to increase the stamina of the deck.

List of Mono-Fire decks


  • The official color representing the Fire Civilization is "red". In the Japanese community, this group of decks is known as "Mono-Red" due to the color of card from Magic: The Gathering.
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