Mono-Darkness Hellborof
黒単ヘルボロフ (Kuro Tan Heruborofu)
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Mono-Darkness Hellborof is a monocolored control deck type.


With the release of Hellborof, Supreme Dragon Edge and Welcome Hell, Supreme Devil King Palace, Mono-Darkness Control had been reinforced and it returned into the meta scene, once again reaching the top.

Core Cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Hellborof, Supreme Dragon Edge Graveyard supply and high cost Draguner.
Welcome Hell, Supreme Devil King Palace / Deathgoros, Supreme Devil Corrupt King Cost 5 or less Darkness creature reanimation. May be dragsolutioned, but doing so is not needed to win.
Ninjariban, Dragon Edge Draguner to be revived by Welcome Hell, can be spammed to flood the battle zone with creatures.
Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle Give speed attacker to your Draguners to further abuse Welcome Hell.

Creature Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Jenny, the Suicide Doll Early discard, can be reused as it destroys itself.
BloodRayne, Start Dash Cost reduction.
Darpi Luppi Cost reduction and anti cost trampling meta.
School Man
Dupoiz, Darma
Early removal.
Time Tripper, Shadow of Stagnation Slow down the opponent.
Zabi Barrel, Western Doll Discarding blocker.
Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian Graveyard supplying blocker, hand replenishment.
Vader, Dark Armor Self-mill and draw, blocker.
Tigernitro, Explosive Devil Strong Mana Arms discard, may be paired with Upheaval to cut the opponent of its mana.
Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet Classic certain discard.
Funk, Guard of Hope Anti-weenie and anti-psychic creature meta.
Heavy, Dragon God Removal that may be infinitely reused as it destroys itself.
Duenyan Emperor Invasion, can loop Draghearts.
Black Psycho, Revenge Hall of Fame Invasion, discards two cards and is supported by Welcome Hell.
Deadzone, S-Rank Zombie Removal that can invade from graveyard, can take care of Premium Madonna, Nobility Dragon Elemental all by itself.
Syriu Heaven Shield trigger removal or reanimation.
Death Hands, Misfortune Emperor Creature version of Terror Pit.
Ryusei In The Dark Non-Darkness tap in, Slayer granter.
Kill the Borof, Rebellion of K Darkness Command Revolution Change, fixed removal.
Killer the Kill, Revolution Demon King Mass removal and reanimation, interesting finisher.
Dorballom, Lord of Demons Classic mass removal and mana burn finisher.

Spell Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Bone Dance Charger Graveyard supply, start engine.
Phantasm Clutch Strike Back tapped removal, anti-Glenmalt meta.
Judgment Gate of Revolution Darkness Revolution 0 Trigger
Inferno Sign Hall of Fame reanimation spell.
Demon Wolf, Howling Moonlight Castle Mana Arms removal that can remove 2 creatures, including Perfect Madonna, Channeler of Suns, Perfect Lily, Purity Devotee and Magnum, Shortshot.
Death Gate, Gate of Hell Untapped removal and reanimation.
Upheaval Hall of Fame mana burn spell. Can be paired with Tigernitro, Explosive Devil to cut the opponent's mana source.

D2 Field Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Haridelberg, Hell of D Constant -4000 power to your opponent's creatures and nullifies Welcome Hell's Dragsolution demerit via Denjara Switch.

Dragheart Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Migawari, Nightmare Manji / Utsusemihenge, Blame Demon Dragon Pseudo-resistance to destruction, can turn into a removal-resistant creature.
Whitey, Dragon Soul Church Freeze an opponent's creature.
Greene, Dragon Soul Ruins Mana Acceleration and progress to Hellborof.
Fanbai, Dragon Flower Fan Mirror match measures.
Blacko, Dragon Soul Palace Discard that doesn't trigger Madness abilities.
Demon Wolf, Soul Eating Moonlight Castle / Minagorosseo, Wolf Demon Dragon Give Slayer to all your Darkness creatures.
Go To Hell, Annihilator Blade / Deathshiraz, Devil Corrupt King Welcome Hell repair.
Urovelia, Divine Dragon Spear / Ultimaria, Divine Dragon Elemental Blocker defense.

How to use

Basically the deck requires early graveyard supply, as well as early discards and blockers to interfere with the opponent's strategy. When you have enough control, summon Hellborof, Supreme Dragon Edge which brings out Welcome Hell, Supreme Devil King Palace and reanimates Ninjariban, Dragon Edge which in turn brings out Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle and gives speed attacker to your Draguners, furthering Welcome Hell's reanimation effect and enabling a possible one-shot kill. As such, it is required that the deck has four copies of Ninjariban for it to work smoother. Between the creatures to be reanimated, Heavy, Dragon God and School Man can be taken into consideration, as they can be destroyed and thus recycled.

Depending on the situation, you can also equip Ninjariban with Migawari, Nightmare Manji and Dragsolution at the end of your turn both Deathgoros, Supreme Devil Corrupt King and Utsusemihenge, Blame Demon Dragon, as Welcome Hell will destroy both the Ninjariban equipped with Migawari and another creature in the same time. That way, you can abuse in future turns both Deathgoros and Utsusemihenge as finishers. Deathgoros's attack trigger reanimation effect means that you can spam more Hellborofs from your graveyard and thus bring out more Draghearts.

Overall, due to the deck's flexibility, a multitude of cards and strategies can be adapted to it.

With the restriction of Welcome Hell on the 28th of February, this deck will be seemingly weakened, but due to its flexible nature we will see how it will survive in the future.

With the release of Haridelberg, Hell of D, a simple Jenny, the Suicide Doll could end up giving -4000 power to opposing creatures. Dragsolutioning Deathgoros, Supreme Devil Corrupt King now means that an opposing creature will get -16000 power, meaning that even a Neverlast, Destiny Adoration's Escape effect can be easily dealt with. With Denjara Switch you can nullify all the battle zone losses from the Dragsolution. As such the deck has seemingly received an upgrade, although it is still too slow in the current metagame to reach the top again.

Unfortunately, after Revolution Final, the new meta finishers had proven to be too fast for this deck. While it did merge with De Szark strategies, the latter works better on its own. Thus it can be said that Mono-Darkness Draguner has fully left the metagame.

Template Build

Recommended Card:: Amount: Reason:
Hellborof, Supreme Dragon Edge 4 Main engine Draguner
Ninjariban, Dragon Edge 4 Secondary major Draguner
BloodRayne, Start Dash 4 Soothes progress
Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian 3-4 Graving and recovery
Vader, Dark Armor 3-4 Static graving + Draw
Black Psycho, Revenge 1 Powerful discard + Invasion
Inferno Sign 1 Powerful reanimation
Matador Marcuze 4 Anti cost trample
Magnum, Allshot Puppet 3 Anti cost trample + combo with Welcome Hell/Ninjariban.
Death Hands, Misfortune Emperor/Spiner, Shock Doctor 3-4 Creature removal, usage depends on the player's needs.
Demon Wolf, Howling Moonlight Castle/Babylon Gelg 3-4 Spell removal, usage depends on player's needs.
Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet 4 Pinpoint discard.

Template Hyperspatial Zone

Recommended Card:: Amount: Reason:
Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle 2-3 Gives Hellborof and Ninjariban Speed Attacker
Welcome Hell, Supreme Devil King Palace
Bluenika, Dragon Soul Fortress/Migawari, Nightmare Manji
Greene, Dragon Soul Ruins
Whitey, Dragon Soul Church
Blacko, Dragon Soul Palace
Demon Wolf, Soul Eating Moonlight Castle
1 Each Template Hyperspatial Zone.


Since cards such as Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian are used to help Welcome Hell strategies, graveyard emptying cards like Olive Oil, Karma's Burial are a natural threat to this deck.

VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura" is also a threat, as it prevents the summoning of Hellborof and thus you cannot bring out the deck's main engine - Welcome Hell. However, one can get around its Eternal Omega by destroying VAN Beethoven with Death Gate, Gate of Hell and then reviving a Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet to discard it.

Because it is rich in removal, at first glance it seems easy to remove Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden and win the game, but since it is a low speed control deck, it often ends up with no shields by the time Dokindam X Forbidden Liberates. If one faces a rush or beatdown deck with Dokindam X, it is advised that more copies of Phantasm Clutch were added, along with some Shinobis.

Light Darkness Draguner (Monochrome Hellborof)

This deck focuses more on Light defenses such as Slowly Chain and Holy, Flash Guardian. In order to deal with Invasions and Revolution Changes, Oriotis, Control Wings is necessary for early game.

Later, after you have established control, you can use Saint Rose, Dragon Edge as an additional finisher next to Hellborof, Supreme Dragon Edge.

Creature Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Oriotis, Control Wings Anti-Invasion/Revolution Change meta.
Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper Anti-discard meta.
Bega, Vizier of Shadow Shield addition + random discard.
Saint Rose, Dragon Edge Additional finisher.
Holy, Flash Guardian Shield trigger blocker with a Spark effect.

Spell Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
The Grave of Angels and Demons Conditional mana burn.
Super Eternal Spark Card removal, reuse Memento Guardian Shrine.
Slowly Chain Limit the opponent, stop one-shot kills.
Heaven's Force Bring out Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet or Time Tripper, Shadow of Stagnation quicker to ensure tempo advantage.

D2 Field Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Memento Guardian Shrine, Prison Court of D Blocker granter, creature tapper.

Dragheart Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Endless Heaven, True Holy Church Synergy with Welcome Hell's Dragsolution.
Heaven's Heaven, Heavenly Justice Blocker spam.
Joan Mizell, Revolution Spear Additional defense, Saint Rose can bring out D'Arc-en-Ciel, Holy Spear Dragon Elemental directly.

Darkness Fire Hellborof (Dormageddon Hellborof)

Due to a good amount of Darkness Commands, this deck is compatible with FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~. More so, due to the addition of the Fire Civilization, strategies similar to Doguraeater and Darkness Fire Deadzone can be adapted as well.

Deathgoros, Supreme Devil Corrupt King can revive finishers such as Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal and Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility as well. More so, Hellborof, Supreme Dragon Edge has synergy with Eternal Sign.

Creature Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Burgmaru-Kun In combination with Demon Wolf, Soul Eating Moonlight Castle, it can grant both removal and draw.
Entertainer of Stealing and Lying Anti-Invasion/Revolution Change meta.
Dolmarks, the Shadow Warrior Mana burn and removal.
Acme M, First Seed Synergy with Welcome Hell when it Dragsolutions.
Mega Manalock Dragon Mana freeze Hall of Fame.
Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal Anti-discard meta, grants speed attacker to all your creatures.
Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility Shield burn and prevents you from losing the game.
Crossfire, Millionaire Synergy with graving, pseudo-Phantasm Clutch.
5000GT, Riot Additional finisher, synergy with graving, pseudo-lockdown.
Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution Additional finisher, prevents you from losing the game, infinite attack.

Spell Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Scale of Bravery and Love Graving and draw or weenie removal.
Reload Charger Graving and draw Charger.
Eternal Sign Reanimation and speed attacker granting, synergy with Hellborof.

D2 Field Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Forbidden Area Hellfire Power up Honenbe and Zabi Barrel.
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