Moniria Seventh
Japanflag Kana: セブンス (Seventh)
Civilization: NatureNature
Card Type: Gacharange Creature
Mana Cost:  2
Races: Gransect / Deletron
English Text: ■ This creature can't attack players.

Mana Drive 3 (Nature): If you have 3 or more cards in your mana zone and one or more of them is nature civilization, this creature gets "Guardman". (When one of your other creatures is attacked, you may tap this creature. If you do, the attacking creature will attack this creature instead.)

(At the start of your game, separate your gacharange creatures from your deck and put them into your super gacharange. If a gacharange creature would be put into a zone other than the battle zone, return it to your super gacharange.)

Japanese Text: ■ このクリーチャーは、相手プレイヤーを攻撃できない。

■ マナドライブ3(自然):自分のマナゾーンのカードが3枚以上で自然文明があれば、このクリーチャーに「ガードマン」を与える。(「ガードマン」を持つクリーチャーをタップして、相手クリーチャーの攻撃先を、自分の他のクリーチャーからそのクリーチャーに変更してもよい)


Power:  7000
Mana: 1
Illustrator: Tutui Misa
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