(Note: This card shares rulings with Super Trash Train, Fuuma Devil.)

  • Q: Does this work both for my creatures and for my opponent's creatures?
    • A: Yes. Whenever any creature other than this Mongrel Man is put into a graveyard from the battle zone, you get to draw a card. It doesn't matter whose creature it is.
  • Q: Can I draw a card when a creature loses a battle?
    • A: Yes. When a creature loses a battle, it's destroyed. If 2 creatures that have the same power battle each other, they're both destroyed.
  • Q: I have 2 copies of Mongrel Man in the battle zone when another creature is destroyed. Can I draw 2 cards?
    • A: Yes. Each Mongrel Man lets you draw a card.
  • Q: This creature and another creature are destroyed at the same time. Do I get to draw a card?
    • A: Yes. You can draw a card for the other creature that's destroyed (just not for Mongrel Man itself).
  • Q: This creature and other creatures are destroyed at the same time (by a card such as Vampire Silphy). How many cards can I draw?
    • A: You can draw a card for each other creature that's destroyed (just not for Mongrel Man itself).
  • Q: When Mighty Shouter is destroyed, does this creature let me draw a card?
    • A: No. Mighty Shouter isn't actually destroyed. When it loses a battle or an effect would otherwise destroy it, Mighty Shouter is put into its owner's mana zone instead of being destroyed. Since Mighty Shouter isn't destroyed, Mongrel Man doesn't let you draw a card. The same is true for other cards that are not put into the graveyard when they are destroyed such as Aqua Knight and Ouks, Vizier of Restoration.
Mongrel Man
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