Miya is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Miya

Cards illustrated under the name of "Miya".

 ■ Aqua Skydiver
 ■ Aus Luke, Apostle of Lightblades
 ■ Faerie Life
 ■ Fantasy Heart
 ■ Fuuma Adorak
 ■ Glasya, Channeler of Suns
 ■ Hypersprint Warrior Uzesol
 ■ Kalute, Vizier of Eternity
 ■ Lockon Dude Jiruba
 ■ Lucky Ball
 ■ Mobile Saint Meermax
 ■ Mystic Dreamscape
 ■ Reincarnal, the Paladin
 ■ Smashblow Dragoon
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