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Mirei, White Emperor's Will
Japanflag.png Kana: はくおうぜ (Wakuouze), いし (Ishi), みれい (Mirei)
Civilization: LightLight.png
Card Type: Gacharange Creature
Mana Cost: 4
Races: Metallica / Wonderforce
English Text: ■ If you have a card in your super gacharange, this creature can't attack and when this creature would leave the battle zone, it stays in the battle zone instead.

​■ World breaker (This creature breaks all your opponent's shields.)

(At the start of your game, separate your gacharange creatures from your deck and put them into your super gacharange. If a gacharange creature would be put into a zone other than the battle zone, return it to your super gacharange.)

Japanese Text: ■ 自分の超GRにカードがあれば、このクリーチャーは攻撃できず、バトルゾーンを離れる時、かわりにとどまる。

■ ワールド・ブレイカー(このクリーチャーは相手のシールドをすべてブレイクする)


Power: 25000
Flavor Text: 黒い雲から飛来する闇の星を食い止めて音楽祭を無事続けるために、空を支えられるほど巨大なGRクリーチャーが生み出された。 (DMRP-11)
Mana: 1
Illustrator: shosuke
Sets and Rarity:
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