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Civilization(s) Water Water Fire Fire
Voice Actor Udel R. Deet (Season 1)
Paul St. Peter Wikipedia (Season 3)
坂口 候一
Kouichi Sakaguchi Wikipedia

Mikuni was introduced in the Season 1 of the Duel Masters anime.


Season 1[]

He is one of the four Temple Guardians.

During his fight with Shobu, he purposely copied each move made by him in order to throw him off his game.

Along with the other Guardians, Mikuni wants Hakuoh to go back to being a calm and happy player with a peaceful mind. He wishes that everyone would just relax and enjoy dueling.

Duel Masters Charge[]

He dueled and lost against Robby Rotten during the Battle Arena tournament. In the dub, his name in this season was also changed to Johnny Coolburns. It was later mentioned that this name change (and all other plot holes in the show) are due to alternate dimensions.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution[]

He was seen being defeated by Rambo along with Kintaro and Komei. Despite it seems that VSR takes place in a long time after the first Duel Masters manga series which this anime is based on, his appearance has never changed from said series 1.


Series 1[]

He dueled against Shobu and lost in the duel. He later became Shobu's friend.


He uses a Water and Fire civilization deck based on Humans and Liquid People.



  • He has no relations with Komei despite his Kanji name is literally pronounced as "Sangoku" and Komei studies at a middle school with the same name.