(List of cards designed by Mikumo)
(List of cards designed by Mikumo)
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==List of cards designed by Mikumo==
==List of cards illustrated by Mikumo==
{{Artist Cards}}
{{Artist Cards}}

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Mikumo is an artist for the Duel Masters TCG and OCG.

List of cards illustrated by Mikumo

Cards illustrated under the name of "Mikumo".

 ■ Aqua Strummer
 ■ Baira, the Hidden Lunatic
 ■ Betrale, the Explorer
 ■ Lukia Lex, Pinnacle Guardian
 ■ Mummy Wrap, Shadow of Fatigue
 ■ Sanfist, the Savage Vizier
 ■ Tangle Fist, the Weaver
 ■ Terradragon Gamiratar
 ■ Volcano Charger

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