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Mezger, Commando Leader
Mezger, Commando Leader
Civilization: Fire Fire
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 4
Race: Human
English Text:

Speed attacker (This creature doesn't get summoning sickness.)

Japanese Text:

■ スピードアタッカー(このクリーチャーは召喚酔いしない)

Power: 2000
Flavor Texts: "What's the secret to my success? It could be that my parents raised me right and taught me respect. Or it could be the training I got serving with General Bombat. But it's probably that I've got a really big mallet." (DM-10)
「勢いしか無いんだよな」 ""It's all about momentum, isn't it?" -Choya, the Unheeding (DM-10, DMC-34)
スピードアタッカーは超速攻! 出したターンにアタックできるぞ! ""Speed Attacker is ultra-fast! It can attack on the turn it's played!" ―Mezger, Commando Leader (SpDeck)
勝負だメッツァー君!! 飛べー!! 大空に舞い上がる「空ボール」だ!! ―星野空 "It's on, Mezger-kun!! Fly!! It's the 'Sky Ball,' soaring into the sky!!" ―星野空 (SpDeck3)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: Ken Sugawara
Other Card Information: