メタゲーム (Metagēmu)
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Metagame refers to the decks or strategies used in the current competitive environment.


When a player talks about the metagame (also known as the "meta"), they are referring to the decks and strategies that are the most dominant in their local area and tournament events.

Typically, as metagame decks become more common in the tournaments, Anti-Meta decktypes or specific cards also begin to arise in order to counter them. Anti-Meta Decks aren't generally very versatile, as while they may be strong against one specific type of meta deck, they may also be much weaker against another type of meta deck.

Please note that depending on situation, fun decks or non-meta decks can defeat even the strongest of meta decks. This usually happens when the meta deck is handled by an inexperienced player, but can also be due to shuffles or bad luck (Such as not getting key cards early or running into multiple cards with the "Shield Trigger" keyword).

List of current Metagame decks

The current Decks that have been recently placing high in the current tournament environment of the Twinpact Series block include;

Civilization(s): Deck: Notes:
LightWaterDarknessFireNature All Delete Dokindam Clanvia Delete is a variation.
Darkness De Szark
DarknessFire Dormageddon X
Fire Gogogo Brand Also seen as LF with Metallica/Gacharange focus.
WaterDarknessFire Graveyard source
WaterJ Jokers / OTK
Nature Jokers
Gacharange Jokers
LightFire Light Fire Mizzail Based on the former metagame Southern Renaissance
FireNature MaltNEXT Seen in declining amounts.
Water Mono-Water Mutopia rush
WaterDarkness WD Discard This is also seen as LWD
WaterFire WF Crash Head
WaterDarknessNature WDN Shakogairu Is a variant of Water Nature Dueland and Forever Change.
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