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Mei Midoriyama
緑山みどりやま メイ
Civilization(s) NatureNature.png
Voice Actor 中司ゆう花
Yuuka Nakatsukasa
Signature Card(s) Miss Mei, Forest of Sleeping, Kenji Panda Nelra, Tyrannical Shogun

Mei Midoriyama was first introduced in the Duel Masters Victory V season of the Duel Masters anime.


She is often seen sleeping during class.

She is known as "The Madonna of this class" and is chosen to play as snow white in the class talent show. However, She fell asleep so Katta is chosen to play the character instead. He then used a cymbal to wake her up and she got angry and dueled him. Despite Katta won, he will still have to play as snow white anyway.

She dueled against Maria Ave and spammed Dreammates such as Miss Mei, Forest of Sleeping and Kenji Panda Nelra, Tyrannical Shogun and won.


She uses a Nature deck based on Dreammates.