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Civilization(s) DarknessDarkness.png FireFire.png
Voice Actor 鈴木千尋
Chihiro Suzuki
Signature Card(s) Bakurohoshi, Oni of "Musabori"
Yominoseimei, Oni of "Onmyou"

Megane is a character in the Duel Masters King season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Megane is a greyish-blue alien like creature wearing a pair of glasses with green edges and a red bowtie. He has an antenna on top of his head and he lacks any fingers or toes.

His true form is actually his glasses, which he displays when being heated up in a duel. His main body vanishes and his glasses stood up straight. A pair of eyes with blue pupils and a mouth can be seen on the upper part of the glasses.


Duel Masters King

Megane is a direct subordinate of Abaku Onifuda and Jaouga dispatched to test how strong Joe actually is. He's the captain of Abaku's forces, but his dueling skills are questionable.

In Episode 1, Megane stole Joe's shoes and challenged him as the first opponent of the tourney hosted by Abaku. He ran into an Ojison, Inventor shield trigger and was defeated by Momoking, Jonetsu Hero.

In Episode 9, he was defeated by Kira's I Am Justice If You Want.

Eventually, on Episode 18, as a final chance Abaku granted him his trump card Jaouga, Oniga Overlord to deal with Joe for earnest. Unfortunately, due to Jaouga's user not being Abaku himself, nobody ever took him seriously, and it was described as "weaker than usual" due to not being used by its rightful owner, with the team's King Masters appearing in front of him to display that he can't use Jaouga to its fullest potential. This resulted in him being defeated in the same way as during his first appearance.

Due to his incompetence, Abaku disposed him promptly and replaced him with three black hooded figures.


He uses a Darkness and Fire civilization Onifuda Kingdom deck based on Yominoseimei, Oni of "Onmyou".


Opponent Outcome Deck name
Episode 1 Joe Kirifuda Defeat Onitime! Onifuda Kingdom
Episode 9 Kira

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