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Mecha Thunder
Japanflag.png メカサンダー
La Byle, Seeker of the Winds artwork.jpg
Phonetic: Meka Sandā
Released In: DM-03 Master of Destruction
DM-03 Rampage of the Super Warriors
Civilization(s): Light Light.png
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Category: Mecha Thunder

Mecha Thunder is a race of creature in the Light Civilization.


Most Mecha Thunders have "Seeker of x" on their names, their Evolution creatures have "Finder of x" instead.


They are mostly consisted of high cost creatures, usually having a cost of over 5.

They also suffered from a major disappearance between Balza, Seeker of Hyperpearls in DM-10 to Wiz, White Knight Enlightener in DM-33 Rising Dragon.


Mecha Thunders are part human, part alloy. They hide in the clouds, surround themselves with thunder and lightning, and create what appear to be natural disasters by controlling the weather. Although their aim is often inaccurate, they are able to attack with fierce typhoons, powerful tornadoes, and blasts of lightning.


Evolution Creatures

Creatures that evolve from Mecha Thunders

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Kuukai, Finder of Karma Evolution—Put on one of your Mecha Thunders.



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