Mecha Del Sol
Japanflag メカ・デル・ソル
Phonetic: Meka Deru Solu
Released In: DM-08 Invincible Legend
DM-08 Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos
Civilization(s): Light
Japanese Wiki: 164
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Mecha Del Sol is a race of creatures in the Light Civilization.


Many of the cards feature 光器こうき (Kōki) meaning "Light Weapon" at the start of their name as well as having a feminine name.

  • This was translated "Channeler of Suns" for the English printing of the game.

Some also feature ひめ (Hime) meaning "Princess".


The Mecha Del Sol were first mobilized by the Light Civilization in order to counter the Dragons. They represent the Sun and are the counterpart of the Cyber Moons, which represent the moon, and are also developed as Anti-dragon weapons.

In the events of Episode 1, most Mecha Del Sol joined the Hunters while others were Aliens.

In the events of Episode 3, they sided with the Oracles and had multiple God Nova and God Nova OMG creatures with their race.

In the Duel Masters Victory season, they were often used by Yohdel and Maria Ave.


The first few Mecha Del Sol creatures have an Anti-Dragon effect on them such as Blockericon Dragon Blocker (Sasha, Channeler of Suns) or being unable to be attacked by Dragons (Misha, Channeler of Suns).


Support Card: Card Effect:
Loyalty, Izanai's Light Machine Kourin—At the end of your turn, if this creature is tapped, search your deck. You may put one of your Mecha Del Sol or Great Mecha King that costs 7 or less from among it into the battle zone. Then shuffle your deck.

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