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Masters Chronicle Deck
(Masutāzu Kuronikuru Dekki)
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Masters Chronicle Deck is a series of Theme Decks.


Unlike other pre-built decks that were mainly themed after characters in the current Duel Masters anime series, these decks had that following attributes:

  • Aimed at an older age group who are still playing Duel Masters
  • Containing old themes of creatures that were popular in former years such as Bolmeteus, Romanov or Alcadeias.
  • Reprinting cards in the old Card Frame

In addition to reprinting older popular creatures, there are new variants and cards that support them as a Designer's Combo.

While they aren't fully competitive metagame decks, they are aimed to be casually competitive for local events directly out of the box, this is similar to the Super Decks released in the past.

List of Master Chronicle Decks

3 decks were initially released, based on the Bolmeteus and Romanov name categories as well as the Survivor race.

2 further decks were also introduced, based on a pair of warring enemies; Alcadeias and Ballom.

In addition, there is a booster pack similarly themed on these older name categories, DMX-21 Masters Chronicle Pack: Comic of Heroes featuring older anime characters.

  • Due to the older player focus, the packaging is simpler without flashy and cartoon animated characters drawn, as well as a special deck case.
  • To tie in with sales of the first deck, Bolmeteus Black Dragon appeared in the Puzzle & Dragons mobile game before it appeared as a card. Further creatures (such as Lightduel, Dragon Elemental or Dark Masters, Demon Dragon were also later printed in DMX-22 Super Black Box Pack in this way.
  • While the Bolmeteus and Romanov cards had not made an appearance for a long time, it had been a much longer disappearance of the Survivor race before the DMD-26 deck was released.
  • In the background story shown in the flavor text, the theme and settings of these characters has been described. The timeline detailing the events of Creature World isn't specifically mentioned.
  • The cards aren't marked with a Block icon such as Rev.png for Revolution. This prevents them from being played in the Block Constructed formats that limit play to cards of only one block.