Master Special Move Card
マスター必殺ひっさつカード (Masutā Hissatsu Kādo)
Master Special Move Card
Released: DMEX-07 Hissatsu!! Maximum the Master Pack

Master Special Move Card is a rarity in the Duel Masters trading card game.


It only features on spells.

It is characterized by a gold leaf frame, similar to a Master Card.

A crest like a Master Card is included, but "MASTER-S M" is written instead of the usual "MASTER M".

The notation of rarity is written as "MSS", but the collecter number is still written as M#/M#.

They are designed as an attack used by a related Master Card.

List of Master Special Move Cards

Light Light

Name: Ability: Character: User:
Heaven and Earth Dragon Break's Judgment n/a Kira Savark Calibur, Ghiramessiah
♪ Did you see the Galaxy Justice? Super Shield Trigger Kira Galaxy Savarktis

Water Water

Name: Ability: Character: User:
Final Code: Wonderful Heaven n/a Gap Code:Heaven
Freeze Gazer featuring Aarukait Gravity Zero Cap Captain Aarukait
Jornado Grandline Master Special Move Tornado Joe Kirifuda Jolly the Jornado

Darkness Darkness

Name: Ability: Character: User:
Ban Night Festival Gate of Moonless Night Period Zero 卍 De Szark 卍
Sin Ra Ban Batsu Great Sin of Sin Moonless Night Zero Do Raganzak 卍, Daibanzai

Fire Fire

Name: Ability: Character: User:
Shining Wizard Master Gogogo Gangan Galaxy Boltz Gogogo Brand
Majigod Magna Master God Over Dynamite Spell Boltz Majigod Brand

Nature Nature

Name: Ability: Character: User:
Gunmaster Choten Maximum Super Heaven Fever Joe Kirifuda Jhot Gun Joragon
The Joragon Gunmaster
Paradise Roar Five Sense Trap Five Sense Down Kabu Toki
Honey Q
Kingdom Ohkabuto
Dangerdeon, Super Mechanical Trap
Kyu Kyura Kyurax
Tenjo Tenge Twinfinity Emperor Twinfinity Minomaru
Minogami, Beginning Rainbow Emperor
Baraghiara, Heavenly Earth Momentum
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