Master Dragon
Japanflag.png マスター・ドラゴン
Phonetic: Masutā Doragon
Released In: DMRP-04裁 The Rise of Master Dragon!!
~Judgment for Justice~
Civilization(s): Light / Jokers
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Category: Master Dragon

Master Dragon is a race of Dragon creature in the Light and Jokers civilizations.


It first appeared on a promotional card, Savark ~Judgment for Justice~ and Kirazeus Savark in the Light Civilization paired with Metallica.

It later appeared paired with the Jokers race.


All of these creatures are Dragons that are reborn in a world where all Dragons went extinct. They are the only Dragons in the new world that are not Dragon Guilds.


See also: Support for Dragon creatures


Cards that support Master Dragons

Support Card: Card Effect:
Galaxy Savarktis ■ If you have 5 or more Metallica in the battle zone, each of your other Metallica gets "Ultra Saver: Master Dragon".
Sky Dragon's Final Judgment ■ You may untap all your Master Dragons.


Cards supported by Master Dragons

Supported Card: Card Effect:
Sky Dragon's Final Judgment Attack Chance: Master Dragon



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