The Master
Zゼウス (Zeus)
The Master

The Master was first introduced in first season of the Duel Masters Anime.



The Master is the leader of the Temple (an organization within the Junior Duelist Center), but very little is known about him.

Throughout the first season he appears in a long black, hooded robe with his face half concealed by his long blond hair. The Master is Hakuoh's teacher and dueling coach.

Knight suggests that the Master has only taken an interest in Hakuoh because he plans to use the young duelist in obtaining his "revenge" against the creature world. The Master seems to be responsible for Hakuoh's brainwashing and pushes Hakuoh to attack Shobu with Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits, even after Hakuoh's defeat.

After Hakuoh's defeat in Season 1, the Master has not been seen since.


He maintains a nearly identical role as during the anime, aside that he initially focused on Magic: The Gathering cards just like the rest of the duelists from Season 1.

In the final episode of the "Star Cross" manga, it was revealed that he was the leader of the Fua Duelists known as "Zeus" and was defeated by Zakira, who then proceeds to ascend as the leader of the cult. This heavily implies that the Temple in Season 1 is built after his exile from Fua in an attempt to build a new cult. As he tries to take revenge against the creature world due to a creature scarring his face, Zakira might had been actually dealt physical damage on his face with a creature's direct attack during his takeover.

After his defeat, he teamed up with Shori and requested Kokujo to save him after he was mortally wounded by White.


  • The Master in Season 1 shares similarities with Kira's Mother, for both are mysterious personalities who were seen manipulating a Light Duelist to do their bidding and later on atoned for their wrongs.
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