Mana Recovery
マナ回収 (Mana Kaishū)
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Mana Recovery is a term given to cards that return cards in your mana zone to your hand.


It is commonly found in the Water and Nature civilizations, but has also appeared on Light cards.

In the Water Civilization, it is often unrestricted to the type of cards that can be returned to your hand, while Nature cards are limited to only creatures, and Light cards are limited to only spells.

4 Mystic Dreamscape
Water / Spell

Shield Trigger Shield trigger (When this spell is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may cast it immediately for no cost.)

■ Return up to 3 cards from your mana zone to your hand.

4 Thrash Crawler
Water / Creature
Earth Eater


Blocker Blocker

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, return a card from your mana zone to your hand.

■ This creature can't attack.

While it can be seen as disadvantage to reduce the number of cards in your mana zone, it can be used to return high-cost cards put into your mana zone during your early turns to be played later and to replenish your hand. As you are choosing cards from a public game zone, it can be seen as more efficient than a regular draw.

If a card such as Ochappi, Pure Hearted Faerie or Shrine of Rebirth is used to put a card from your graveyard into your mana zone, combining it with Mana Recovery cards can be seen as a pseudo-graveyard recovery of cards.

Cards that have the ability as forced such as Thrash Crawler or Fire Crystal Bomb may have an adjusted mana cost for the disadvantage of the ability.

Cards such as Sol Habaki, Apocalyptic Sage or Hurricane Crawler that swap cards between your hand and mana zone can put the cards into your mana zone untapped, allowing them to be used for the cost of another card.

List of Mana Recovery cards

 ■ Aqua Deformer
 ■ Arachnesaura, Mystery Dieter
 ■ Bearshigara, Four-wheel Drive Bear
 ■ Beethoven, Zenith of "Horror"
 ■ Belix, the Explorer
 ■ Bell Hell De Skull, Moon Reaper
 ■ Bloodwing Mantis
 ■ BoleBole, Bei B
 ■ Bolggenpac, Armed Dragon
 ■ Bone Piercer
 ■ Carnival Totem
 ■ Chaunics, Blizzard Faerie / Snowbo Patrol
 ■ Core Calibur, Mobile Base / Electro Shower
 ■ Daikong
 ■ Death Romanov the 5th, Demonic Eye General
 ■ Dokameshi Giant
 ■ Earthstomp Giant
 ■ Elnath Gaga, Enforcer of Tectonic Shifts
 ■ Fall Crawler
 ■ Fortune Wind
 ■ Geo Musha Giant
 ■ Hameln Dalia, Spirit Knight
 ■ Heracles, Birther of Gods
 ■ Hope, Judgment Bond's Rainbow / Keyboard Access
 ■ Hunter, the Invoked
 ■ Hurricane Crawler
 ■ Hurricane Crawler / Brain Charger
 ■ Kabra Katabra
 ■ Karate Carrot
 ■ Kiryuin Jin, Commander Captain
 ■ Kurikuri Igarazu
 ■ Kuromame Danshaku / Hakumai Danshaku
 ■ Lupia Lapia
 ■ Mary-kun, Steward Sheep
 ■ Mecha Movie Crawler
 ■ Mega Kirikiri Dragon
 ■ Melrosgalb, Blue Divine Dragon
 ■ Mia Damama, Moja
 ■ Minogami, Rainbow Cocoon / Emperor's Awakening
 ■ Mollusk Pirate
 ■ Natura Tops, Machkind / Stomping Weed
 ■ Ogayad Sunrat, Zenith of "Reversed Image"
 ■ Oramach the Johnny
 ■ Pakuchita
 ■ Pinpoint Lunatron
 ■ Prometheus, Splash Axe
 ■ Punky Beanta
 ■ Ra Tobi Tol / Kendrick Harvest
 ■ Rei Lin, the Smile Fairy
 ■ Rose Totem
 ■ Rymer Broco
 ■ Sabermask Scarab
 ■ Sandal, Spirit Knight
 ■ Shinbo, Great Writer
 ■ Shizenseijin
 ■ Shtra
 ■ Shupack, Beast Army
 ■ Sieg Nachtfalter
 ■ Silva, Golden Fighter
 ■ Sir Navaal, Thunder Mecha Knight
 ■ Sirigel, the Absorber
 ■ Snipe Bug
 ■ Sniper Mosquito
 ■ Snork La, Shrine Guardian
 ■ Sol Habaki, Apocalyptic Sage
 ■ Solidskin Fish
 ■ Sonandes
 ■ Spark Chemist, Shadow of Whim
 ■ Splash Zebrafish
 ■ Squawking Lunatron
 ■ Stegoro Kaiser, Struggling Battlekind / Purification Sharrup
 ■ Stejura, Samuraikind
 ■ Syforce, Aurora Elemental
 ■ Tanetarou, Invader
 ■ Terse Ruth, Lightboom Guardian
 ■ The Negimisomen
 ■ Thrash Crawler
 ■ Titan Giant
 ■ Torpedo Cluster
 ■ Uncanny Turnip
 ■ Underworld, the Greatest God
 ■ Valcha, the Guardian Spirit Knight
 ■ Victory Apple
 ■ Wekapipo, Tatu
 ■ Yukki, Kigurumi Faerie

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