Mana Drive
Japanflag マナドライブ (Mana Doraibu)
DMSD-11 Super GR Start Deck: Cap's WAVE Gacha Paradise
DMRP-10 Blue C.A.P and Black DaiBanZai
Category for Mana Drive

Mana Drive is an ability word shared between each of the civilizations.


It is similar to Mana Arms, but only requires one card of a specified civilization (or race) in your mana zone and only appears on cards with the Gacharange Creature card type..

Most of these are either a Come Into Play or Attack Trigger ability, but can also be a static ability such as giving a creature a specific keyword such as, blocker, slayer or speed attacker.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Mana Drive reads;



Shake Shark

Water / Gacharange Creature / Tricks + Wonderforce / 3 / 2000
Mana Drive 2 (Water): When you put this creature into the battle zone, if you have 2 cards in your mana zone and one or more of them is Water civilization, choose one of your opponent's creatures. Until the start of your next turn, that creature can't attack or block.

Cards with the Mana Drive ability


  • Q: How do you use the Mana Drive ability?
    • A: Mana Drive checks the player's mana zone to see if it meets the specified number of cards and at least 1 card of a specified civilization in his mana zone. In Hotte Hotta's case, if there are three or more cards in the mana zone when attacking, and at least one of them is a water civilization, the player draws a card.
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