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Mana burn is also a deck type
Mana Burn
ランデス (Landes)
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Mana Burn is a slang term given to cards that put cards from your opponent's mana zone into another zone (usually the graveyard)


Mana Burn cards often belong to the Fire and Nature civilization. As paying mana to pay for a cards cost is an important part of the game, Mana Burn cards can cause an interference to your opponents game plan.

This leaves your opponent unable to cast high-cost spells or summon high-cost creatures. There are many ways of doing this:

7 Überdragon Bajula
Fire Fire.png / Creature
Armored Dragon

■ Evolution—Put on one of your creatures that has Dragon in its race.

■ Whenever this creature attacks, choose up to 2 cards in your opponent’s mana zone. Your opponent puts those cards into his graveyard.

■ Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)

Mana Burn cards also sometimes feature in the Water Civilization as Mana Bounce.

List of famous Mana Burn cards

Pseudo Mana Burn cards