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マナ (Mana)
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Mana is the game resource required to pay for the cost of the cards that you wish to play.


Mana is used to summon Creatures, cast Spells, generate Cross Gear's and fortify Castles onto Shields.

It is usually referred to as the cards put into your mana zone.

Mana Cost

The mana cost of a card (seen in the upper left-hand corner of a card) is the amount of mana needed to use that card. In order to pay the cost, you tap cards in your mana zone until the amount reaches the number on the card. However, the mana used must include at least 1 mana from the same civilization as the card you are about to use

Mana Number

The mana value of a card (seen at the bottom of the card) is a gameplay characteristic, displayed by an upside-down number that indicates the amount and civilization of mana that is created when that card is tapped in your mana zone. As each of the cards in a player's mana zone is flipped vertically, the mana value can be seen the correct way up by the owner of the card. Although there are some exceptions, the mana value of a card is usually 1. Specific certain card abilities can alter the mana number to other amounts such as 2 or 3.

A multicolored card that is put into the mana zone always enters tapped.

As a Psychic and Dragheart can't be put into the mana zone (they are instead returned to the hyperspatial zone if they are moved there) they have no mana value printed on the card frame.

Mana Zone

The Mana Zone (placed as said above) is where cards are placed upside-down to pay a mana cost. There is no restriction as to what civilizations can be in your mana zone. On each turn, it is optional to put a card here. If you do, you may only put a single card into the mana zone each turn, unless dictated by a card effect (such as Faerie Life or Shrine of Rebirth).

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