Malvas, Dark Clown
(Yamidōke Marubasu)
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Malvas, Dark Clown is a character in the Duel Masters Creature World that is quoted in the Flavor Texts of Darkness Civilization cards.


A creature first confirmed in DM-02 Master of Evolution in Amber Piercer's flavor text. It could indicate that he is the owner of Amber Piercer. In the flavor, it is suggested that Amber Piercer's needle can be a cure for someone's treatment (probably resurrection, due to the creature's effect). But considering that it is a Darkness creature, there is also the possibility of said needle bringing death immediately, thus making one "feel easy".

Additionally, it seems that this creature might be the oldest, after Tyrant Black Monarch, who had not received a card yet. However, unlike Black Monarch, since no other flavors of it had been released since DM-02, it is likely that the development team had simply forgotten about him.

However in DMBD-01, he was revealed to have obtained the power of the 5 civilizations between Psychic Shock and Episode 1, and thus he became Alcaclown, Heavenly Crime Fallen General, which plots the destruction of King Alcadeias' Family. He plans to make them fall in order to use them as puppets for world domination, but failed as Jack Alcadeias, Dark Gaia and King Alcadeias, Dark Gaia killed each other. This has resulted in King Alcadeias being sent to the heavens and Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia was the last member of the royal family.

It is unknown where did he obtain the power of the 5 civilizations, but it is possible that he gained it from the Unknowns who were using him as an attempt to remove the last obstacle, the Alcadeias Family, who was likely preventing the Unknowns or Aliens from invading the creature planet.

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