Magic Tool
Japanflag 魔導具まどうぐ
Phonetic: Madō-gu
Released In: DMRP-04魔 The Rise of Master Dolszak!!
~Demon Phoenix of Moonless Night~
Civilization(s): Water / Darkness
Japanese Wiki: 9897
Category for Magic Tool.

Magic Tool is a race of creature in the Darkness Civilization, and as a subtype in the Water Civilization.


Cards with this race feature a Full Frame artwork, as well as a runic circle within the text box.


Each of the creatures feature 堕魔ダーマ (Darma) in their card name as a suffix.

Each spell with this race as a subtype feature 堕呪ダスぺル (Daspel) in their name as a suffix.

All of the cards also feature a prefix in their name, based on their cost.

Cost: Name:
1 ザン (Zan)
2 ドゥ (Du)
3 グリ (Gri)
4 ヴォ (Vo)
5 ヴァイ (Wei)
6 ジグス (Jigs)


They are associated with 卍 De Szark 卍, and support the Gate of Moonless Night ability.


It is a Special Race that is always paired with the Mafi Gang race on Darkness Civilization cards.

They are connected to the Gate of Moonless Night abilities.


See also: Gate of Moonless Night, Gate of Moonless Night 99 and Gate of Moonless Night Zetsu


Cards that support Magic Tools

Support Creature: Card Effect:
卍 Grand Zero 卍 ■ Whenever you cast a Magic Tool spell, after you cast, you may put that card under this field instead of your graveyard and draw a card.
■ Ignore any effects that prevent you from casting Magic Tool or Dolszak spells.
Michael Gandol ■ Whenever your Magic Tools are destroyed or put into the graveyard from under a creature, you may draw a card.
Vogaiga, Darma ■ Your Magic Tool creatures cost 1 less to summon. They can't cost 0 or less.
Vojava, Darma ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, put the top 2 cards of your deck into your graveyard. Then choose a Magic Tool from your graveyard and put it into your hand.
Vomirror, Darma ■ Once during your turn, you may summon a Magic Tool from your graveyard.
Weissing, Darma ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose a creature in your graveyard. If it's a Magic Tool that costs 4 or less, put it into the battle zone, Otherwise, put it into your hand.


Cards supported by Magic Tools:

Supported Card: Card Effect:
Dubel, Darma ■ When you summon a Magic Tool or cast a Magic Tool spell, you may put this creature from your graveyard into the battle zone.
Magic Tool from the Darkness ■ If you have 2 Magic Tools in the battle zone, your opponent discards a card at random from his hand.



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