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Magic Shot - Plus One
Japanflag Phonetic: Madan Purasu Wan
Civilization: Light Light
Card Type: Spell
Mana Cost: 2
Race: Knight
English Text:

​​Knight Magic Shield Plus—Add the top card of your deck under one of your shields face down. (Each card stack is still considered to be one shield.)

Knight Magic (If you have a Knight in the battle zone, you may use this spell's ​Knight Magic ability once more.)

Japanese Text:

​​Knight Magic シールド・プラス-自分の山札の上から1枚目を裏向きのまま、自分のシールドいずれかの下に置く。(こうして重ねたカードの束を1枚のシールドとみなす)

■ ナイト・マジック(バトルゾーンに自分のナイトがあれば、この呪文の​Knight Magic能力をもう一度使ってもよい)

Flavor Text: 第1の魔弾は、強化の魔弾。楯を重ねて、奇跡を起こす。The first magic shot is a magic shot of strengthening. Stack your shields to create miracles. (DM-28)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: amagasaki
Other Card Information: