Japanflag 村山竜大

MURAYAMA RYOTA is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by MURAYAMA RYOTA

Cards illustrated under the name of "MURAYAMA RYOTA".

 ■ Auravine, Earth's Grasp
 ■ Baban Ban Ban, Earth's Blessing
 ■ Bazagaberg "Hayate" Dragon
 ■ Gigajadou
 ■ Hellgate Moon, the Enlightened
 ■ Hot Spring Crimson Meow
 ■ Japan, Temporal Enforcer
 ■ Japanica, Aggression Awakened
 ■ Japanica Giant
 ■ Lisbeth Lavigne, Light Weapon
 ■ Manaan, Priest of Harvests
 ■ Miss Mei, Forest of Sleeping
 ■ Mysterious Castle - Potemkin
 ■ Pony Nature, Forest Beast Fairy
 ■ Pythonman Dragoon
 ■ Reactive Crawler
 ■ Shan Bell, Light Weapon
 ■ Silk Do Gyupel, Protection Elemental
 ■ Sleeping Fool Tanukichi-san
 ■ Spell Gear Phantom, Blue Wolf
 ■ Spiral Moon, the Enlightened
 ■ Super Terradragon Jayanagi
 ■ Zarfeld the 2nd, Dark Knight

Cards illustrated under the name of "MURAYAMA KEITA".

 ■ Angry Charge Dragoon
 ■ Crimson Ash Lord
 ■ Tensei, Byakko God
 ■ Terradragon Gamus Kenshin

Cards illustrated under the name of "Ryota Murayama".

 ■ Blazing Boss! Vals Kaiser
 ■ Terradragon Drapi


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