Luciano, Electro-Fuuma
Civilization: WaterWater
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost:  2
Races: Cyber Lord / Grand Devil / Origin
English Text: ■ When this card is put into your graveyard, if just before it was put in your graveyard it was under one of your evolution creatures, you may draw a card.
Japanese Text: ■ このカードが墓地に置かれた時、それが墓地に置かれる直前に進化クリーチャーの下にあった場合、カードを1枚引いてもよい。
Power:  1000
Flavor Text: 強大すぎる星の力を使用するには、莫大な生命エネルギーが必要だった. In order to harness the incredible power of this planet, an enormous amount of life energy is required. (DM-34)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: Yuichi Maekawa
Sets and Rarity:
Other Card Information:
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