Lord of Spirits
せいれい おう (Seirei-ō)

Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits artwork

Released: DM-04 Challenge of Black Shadow
Civilization(s): LightLight
Race: Angel Command
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Category for Lord of Spirits.

Lord of Spirits is a Name Category of Angel Command evolution creatures in the Light Civilization.


This is originally a naming convention for Angel Command evolution creatures.

Note that not all evolution Angel Commands are under this category (Such as Chutopia, Super Nine Extremes and Gaga Alcadeias, Lord of Enslaved Spirits); Additionally, Trueangel Leo the Star is not of this category as it does not have "せいれいおう" in its pronunciation. Additionally, creatures that have "聖霊龍王" (せいれいりゅうおう) in their name don't fall into this category.

However, they only received support to the category with the release of DMX-21 Masters Chronicle Pack: Comic of Heroes.

List of Lord of Spirits creatures



Cards that support the Lord of Spirits category

Support Card: Card Effect:
Alca Kid, Holy Elemental ■ Whenever you cast Holy Awe, you may summon an evolution creature that has Lord of Spirits in its name from your hand for no cost.



Name Category
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