Living Dead
Japanflag.png リビング・デッド
Phonetic: Ribingu Deddo
Released In: DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
DM-01 Base Set
Civilization(s): Darkness
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Category: Living Dead

Living Dead is a race of creature in the Darkness Civilization.


In the OCG, they are named "[VERB]者___" which means "____, [VERB]ER". This naming convention is shared with Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler which is a completely different creature.


They were common in DM-01, but after Skeleton Thief, the Revealer in DM-04 the race wasn't seen again until DM-33 Rising Dragon with Bone Amigo, the Undead Reaper. They were not seen for the rest of the Divine Evolution Saga block and the Psychic Shock block, but appeared again with Zabi Rigel, Dragon Bone Keel and Bone Arm, the Ambusher in DMR-01 Episode 1: First Contact, and continued throughout the later sets.

They are not to be confused with Darkness S-Rank Invaders which are also reanimated corpses infected with a strain of virus.

There are currently no Living Dead evolution creatures.


Living Dead are the most populous inhabitants of the Darkness civilization. Long ago, their ancestors sought to attain immortality by infecting themselves with special strains of viruses. They were unsuccessful. Now the Living Dead lead tortured lives, contaminating the civilization with their diseases, driven mad by the constant torment of hunger.

They have no eyes and never remove their masks. Their bodies are made up of mostly decomposed flesh. Protruding bones act as armor to protect them from their enemies. It is not unusual for injured enemies to be infected by the viruses and turn into Living Dead themselves.



Cards that support Living Dead

Support Card: Card Effect:
Skeleton Thief, the Revealer ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may return a Living Dead from your graveyard to your hand.



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