Liquid People Sen
Japanflag.png リキッド・ピープルセン
Phonetic: Rikiddo Pīpuru Sen
Released In: DMR-12 Episode 3: Omega Climax
Civilization(s): Water
Race Category: Liquid People
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: Liquid People Sen

Liquid People Sen is a race of creature in the Water Civilization.


They often feature the Mana Arms ability, or is mixed with the Draguner race and are able to put Draghearts into the battle zone.


Liquid People Sen have their bodies reminiscent of American comic book superheroes. 

To help the weak and punish the bullies, they created an organization of heroes where they attack in many numbers, give knowledge to the weak, learn to strengthen their suits and break their limits through intellect. 


Liquid People Sen are affected by all cards that affect Liquid People, but currently there are no cards or evolution creatures that specify Liquid People Sen.

See also: Support for Liquid People creatures




  • This race and Human Baku were the first 2 races to feature Kanji in their race name.
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