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Limit 10
リミット10 (Rimitto 10)
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Limit 10 is a regulation format introduced after Sengoku Saga.


It involves purchasing 10 Booster Packs and building a deck of 40 cards from the available 50.

Since it is difficult to have strong consistency, forms of removal are important, and how to efficiently attack is important.

Even cards that are seen as a Downgrade can be valuable in this format. Shield Trigger creatures such as Javier Nature or Hoihoizer, the Sudden Moonlight can prove invaluable.

DMC-47 Heroes Cross Pack - Shobu and DMC-48 Heroes Cross Pack - Zakira were packed in 12 packs in a box, and a form of this format known as "Limit 12" also appeared.

  • As more than 5 or more commons or uncommons with the same name can be included in a box, the unique rule of allowing "as many copies of a card in a deck as possible" is used.